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A Vermont Family Lawyer And Trusted Divorce Attorney in Rutland, Vermont.

Vermont family attorney, Kevin Volz brings experience and understanding to help your family manage divorce, custody, and child support issues.


Create sustainable solutions for your family.

We understand how important family matters are. Whether it be separation, divorce, child support, parentage, or custody, The Law Office of Kevin M. Volz is here to guide your family through this difficult time. Kevin will make sure your family receives the best legal support. With over 15 years of experience as a divorce lawyer, Kevin has managed a wide variety of cases. He can provide your family with guidance throughout the process. Not only does Kevin have experience, but he also delivers exceptional results. His clients value the time and dedication Kevin sets aside to ensure your goals are achieved. Click here to see reviews from his actual clients. Although Kevin has handled hundreds of divorces and family law matters, he knows the reality of the situation. As someone who has experienced divorce firsthand, Kevin values maintaining good relations with his former spouse and hopes you can as well. Given how much of an impact divorce can have on an individual's life, Kevin ensures he will treat your matters with the care and sensitivity they deserve, while also striving to make it as affordable as possible. If looking for help with cases involving abuse or restraining orders, click here for legal advice and contact Kevin today.

If you would like to  discuss your family matters further we are available on a retainer (handling the whole divorce) or ad hoc basis (helping you at different junctures as needed).