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Do I Need a Lawyer in Vermont? Guide to Hiring a Lawyer.

Do I need a lawyer in Vermont?

As an experienced Vermont attorney, my standard response, whether you are thinking of retaining our firm or some other, is that you are wise to employ an attorney in virtually all legal proceedings.  If you are involved in any criminal defense case, you most certainly need a lawyer. This cannot be emphasized enough. As soon as you are the object of scrutiny, advise the officers that you appreciate that they are doing their jobs but that you want to consult with an attorney before speaking with them further. As to winning your defense case, this is very much a relative concept. Getting a case dismissed or our client acquitted is always a win. However, as attorneys we cannot control the facts of a case. If you committed a crime and were caught red-handed it is unlikely you are going to get off scot-free. Having an experienced Vermont attorney on your side assures you have the best chance possible of getting your charges or sentence reduced or your fine reduced or waived. Such an outcome is most certainly a win.

Do I need a lawyer to handle my divorce?

In family law I have too often met with people who did not retain an experienced family lawyer or divorce attorney and had their proverbial clock cleaned, so to speak, either financially or otherwise. Many times these people going in it without an attorney were afraid of the cost they might incur. But when it comes to property and debt allocation and spousal support considerations, the amount of money at stake is often much more than you would pay for a good Vermont family lawyer.  An effective Vermont family law attorney will often save you multiples of whatever it is you end up paying them.

How can hiring an attorney help in my child custody case?

When it comes to parent-child contact and parental rights and responsibilities the facts may not favor our client receiving custody.  However, as experienced Vermont family lawyers, we know how to recover the facts in custody battles in order for our client to receive maximum visitation. Without the backing of an experienced family lawyer, it can be easy to negatively impact your case in receiving maximum visitation or child support.

In the rare cases of an attorney’s assistance failing to alter the final outcome of the case, there is peace of mind in knowing that as a result of the attorney’s representation, all of your interests were reviewed and nothing was left on the table.

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